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Can Declaring Bankruptcy Get Rid of Student Loans?

A student loan bankruptcy lawyer can analyze your financial situation and determine whether your student loans can be discharged or not. A number of factors will impact whether or not you can get rid of your student loans through bankruptcy and that’s where talking with a professional can help you quickly make that determination.

Typically, bankruptcy lawyers can assist you with credit card debt, medical bills, and more but have historically been unable to help with student loan relief. But at Frost Law, our bankruptcy attorneys have the additional experience in private student loans discharges and can help you file for bankruptcy or find other means of student loan relief.

Dan Staeven, an experienced bankruptcy attorney, as helped many individuals and businesses navigate the bankruptcy process to secure the best outcome for you. We understand how stressful student loan payments and other overbearing financial obligations can be and we want to help provide you the student loan relief you deserve.

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Three Types of Student Loans and How to Receive Relief

Student loans come in three main categories, federal student loans, private student loans, and stafford loans. Your situation and outcome will vary depending on what type of loan or loans you received. What type of loans are available for students?

Federal Loans

  • Direct Subsidized Loans
  • Direct Unsubsidized Loans
  • Parent PLUS Loans
  • Graduate PLUS Loans
  • Direct Consolidation Loans

Private Student Loans

  • Private Student Loans
  • Private Parent Loans

Stafford Loans

  • Subsidized
  • Unsubsidized

The relief that’s best for you will depend on the types of loans you have received, what your overall financial obligations are, and what your future earning potential is expected to be.

Taking Steps Towards Student Loan Relief

How do you know if student loan bankruptcy is the right choice for you? Our team can assess your situation and help decide which type of student loan relief would best for your individual situation.

We’ll begin with a free initial consultation with one of our student loan bankruptcy attorneys, who are well-versed in student loan relief and bankruptcy. Contact us today or give us a call at (410) 862-3957 to see how we can help provide student loan relief for you.


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