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Planning for Estate Tax

Tax planning is an essential component to any comprehensive estate planning package. The team of skilled tax and estate attorneys and CPAs at Frost Law can help.

Your estate plan is the first step in reducing or eliminating estate taxes that you might owe upon your death.

Many people assume that leaving a will is enough to guarantee that Uncle Sam won't come after the assets they leave spouses, children, and family and friends. Unfortunately, that isn't necessarily the case.

Your assets have value when you pass away. That value determines how much tax the IRS thinks you should owe on those assets.

Don't let your estate be burdened by unwieldly taxes. Your beneficiaries won't want to be overwhelmed by large tax bills that they are unable to handle.

When you meet with one of our attorneys, be sure to ask questions about the tax implications of your estate. Preparing for estate taxes prior to your death can help minimize your tax burden.

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