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Are you recently engaged? Congratulations on this exciting new journey! If you're considering a prenuptial agreement as part of your wedding planning, Frost Law can help you take the next step of your life with ease.

Prenuptial agreements or "prenups" are implemented to protect a spouse's assets that are brought into a marriage. Prenups can also be useful for extensive assets as well such as children from previous marriages or ownership in a family business.

While most prenups are drafted to protect assets, they can also be used to illustrate how the finances, debt, and other matters will be handled throughout the marriage. Drawing up agreements beforehand can save you a lot of time and energy in the long run. It's better to be over-prepared rather than not prepared at all.

Prenuptial agreements can also be used for the following issues:

  • division of joint properties
  • alimony and spousal support
  • provisions on raising common children
  • conditions that make this agreement invalid
  • who is responsible for paying outstanding debts
  • ability to pursue educational goals and career opportunities
  • which property becomes joint and which remains a personal asset after the wedding

Ensure the safety of your assets with our prenuptial attorneys. Prenups are about protecting what's important to you, and what's important to you is important to us.

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Listening to our clients is our number one priority. We want to understand what issues are most important to you so that we can devise the best plan of action for you. Our clients are always informed of what they will be receiving and any potential sacrifices when taking part in a prenuptial agreement.

It is important that you and your spouse have separate representation during these agreements. Our attorneys are skilled in both drafting agreements and meticulously reviewing agreements. We know when an agreement is fair and when we should speak up and negotiate for a fair contract.

We have the experience to litigate for a just agreement while maintaining a calm environment. At this time you should be focused on other arrangements, we'll handle the legal side of things. Take the first step to protecting your future with us today!

At Frost Law, you know your assets and wellbeing are being taken care of with the utmost dedication and professionalism. Take charge of your future, contact one of our attorneys today, and know your assets are in the right hands.


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