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Marital Settlement Agreements

Achieving Marital Settlement Agreements Swiftly

Do you and your current spouse wish to pursue an uncontested divorce? Are you both in agreement on the important issues typically involved in a divorce?

In order to legally bind a separation between two agreeing parties, there must be a Marital Settlement Agreement (MSA). Marital settlement agreements can also be known as divorce settlement agreements or separation agreements.

While these agreements can be handled on your own, we strongly urge you to have an attorney by your side. Our team is equipped with the experience to draft, review, revise and negotiate on your behalf.

Matters that are typically negotiated in these situations include:

  • alimony  –  both parties negotiate the amount and duration of alimony
  • child support – this can vary from state to state; formulas and guidelines are used to assist parents to calculate the appropriate quantity of child support
  • child custody and visitation – this is typically handled with a parenting program or visitation and custody agreement that is  incorporated into the MSA
  • division of marital property and debts – this can also vary from state to state; some states follow an "equitable distribution" model while others follow a "community property" model

At Frost Law, we know when we see a fair negotiation and when you deserve more. We will fight for your right to a fair and equal agreement.

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Ensuring You're Protected

Making sure that your rights and livelihood are protected is our number one priority. We recognize how difficult this time is for you which is why we want to make sure you're protected in every aspect.

Experience and knowledge in litigation allow our attorneys to strategically and peacefully negotiate an honest agreement between two parties. We know how to alleviate tense situations and create serene environments.

While our experience with these matters and litigation is important, we also have attorneys with children who know how imperative it is to safeguard their future. Establishing a well-thought-out plan for children is one of the hardest tasks, but the most critical in these types of agreements.

Never battle alone when you can have a well-rounded, passionate team behind you. Take that first step to freedom and call or fill out our brief contact form today!


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