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Child Custody and Support

Safeguarding Your Child's Future

As a parent dealing with a child custody matter, you may feel overwhelmed or even worried about the possible outcomes of your situation. Taking legal action can be stressful, but necessary in order to ensure the best possible future for your children.

At Frost Law, we respect your courage to take this next step, which is why our family lawyers work diligently to secure the best possible outcome for you and your child. Our team knows that each child custody case is unique and therefore its is vital that we listen to what you have to say before devising a plan of action.

For these often tough cases, courts require a parenting plan when the case involves the custody of a minor. Courts have programs to make this difficult transition in a family as smooth as possible. These programs include co-parenting classes, mediation and custody evaluations. 

These types of situations can be very emotional, having an experienced team of family lawyers can make all the difference. At Frost Law, our team not only understands how to handle the legal side of these situations, but also the emotional toll that comes with it.

What Type Of Custody Are You Looking For?

Before filing for child custody you should understand which type of custody you are looking to accomplish. The two types of custody include:\

  • Physical Custody - child access and visitation; where will the child live and the amount of time they spend with each parent.
  • Legal Custody - decision-making authority; long-term decisions about the child's upbringing including education, religion, care, health, welfare, etc.

No matter what type of custody you are seeking, Frost Law can help you achieve a solution to even the most complex custody cases. We'll handle the stressful part so you can focus on what's really important, your children.

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Child Support

Child support is dependent on a number of factors, specifically whether the parents have opted for sole,  joint or shared custody. Other factors that impact the amount of child support include:

  • Monthly Actual Income
  • Adjustments to Income
  • Each parent’s percentage share of income
  • Additional expenses
  • The percentage of overnights with each parent

Our team has decades of experience with these types of matters, we understand how to present a case to secure the most beneficial outcome for you and your child. Find relief here, take the first step, and call us at (410) 862-2826 or fill out our brief contact form.


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