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The First Step to Securing Your Estate

Creating a Will

A will is often the first thing that people think of when they consider estate planning.

For many, a will can be considered a scary reality of mortality for many people, but lack of preparation for this reality can cause your loved ones to be left with the burden of deciding what becomes of your assets. 

What can your will do for you? Wills allow you to detail plans for guardianship of minor children. In addition, they control the passing of your assets and property in the event of your death.

Wills are flexible documents that can be used to create “testamentary trusts” for beneficiaries that take effect after you pass away. Poorly written wills, and ones out of date can hinder any established estate.

When a will is your primary estate planning document, your estate is administered via probate. In the probate or estate administration process, a state entity oversees the administration and distribution of your property.

A quality estate attorney will ensure that your vision of what happens with your estate after your passing is clearly and explicitly stated. Selecting an executor and beneficiaries are steps in the will process many overlook, and an experienced attorney, such as the ones at Frost Law will aid in ensuring that qualified candidates are being selected. 

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Thinking Beyond a Will

Many people who call our office begin by asking about a simple will. While we can certainly help you put together a will, you may find that a more detailed estate planning package is a better fit for you and your family.

Our experienced estate planning team can discuss much more than the creation of it. Many estate planning packages include the creation of trust documents, powers of attorney in the event of incapacity, health care directives, Medicaid planning, details about your wishes for burial, and more.

If your estate is complex, you're in luck. Our attorneys have experience in tax law, and work closely with the tax attorneys, business attorneys, and bankruptcy team as well.

When you need more than a will, Frost Law can help.


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