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Skillfully Presenting Your Case to the IRS

Competent Tax Attorneys | Examining Your Financials

Are your taxes prepared and filed, but you don't know how you'll ever be able to pay the IRS? Are you convinced that you can't afford the amount that they insist that you owe? Would you like them to consider accepting an offer in compromise, instead of the full amount, but don't know where to start?

Our skilled team of tax attorneys, many of whom are dual-licensed CPAs, can look at your entire financial picture. From there, the team at Frost Law can work with you to determine reasonable collection potential. This forms the basis for what will become your offer in compromise.

Unsure how to convince the IRS that you can't pay your balance in full? Let the skilled team of competent tax attorneys and CPAs at Frost Law examine your financials and see if an offer in compromise might be successful for you.

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Skilled Tax Attorneys | Presenting Your Case to the IRS

Have you poured over your bank statements, pay stubs, and bills?  Do you simply not know how you'll be able to satisfy the IRS? Once we have a comprehensive picture of your financials, the tax attorneys at Frost Law can present the strongest case possible to the IRS.

The IRS wants to know how much they can reasonably expect to collect from you over a period of time - let us help you put the information together for them. With extensive experience presenting offers to the IRS, our skilled attorneys know how to advocate for you and can work to negotiate a mutually agreeable compromise.

If you're unable to settle your debt with the IRS for the full amount owed, let Frost Law prepare an offer in compromise to present to the IRS on your behalf.

Talented Tax Attorneys | Seeing You Through to the Finish Line

Your financials are in order and your offer has been prepared and presented to the IRS. What happens next? Whether you've presented the offer in compromise to the IRS independently, or we've seen you through the entire process up until this point, we're here to help finalize the details.

Has the waiting started to get to you? If the IRS hasn't responded to your offer in compromise and you're starting to get impatient, let Frost Law intervene on your behalf. Let us utilize our strong working relationships with the IRS and make sure your offer doesn't just get shoved to the side without the attention it deserves.


Meet the Tax Law Team

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