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Is an IRS Audit Keeping You Up at Night? Sleep Easy with Frost Law.

IRS Tax Attorneys |Understanding Your Audit

Have you received a letter in the mail from the IRS about an audit? Do they want records, financials, or additional verification of donations, mileage, or other business expenses?

What if you don't have the information the IRS is requesting anymore? Or what if you simply don't know where to start?

You aren't alone in your worry - we get calls daily from individuals and businesses under audit from the IRS and unsure what to do next. If you are under audit and concerned, your next call should be to Frost Law instead of the local IRS field office.

Skilled IRS tax attorneys and proficient in handling audits of all shapes and sizes, we are here for you from the first letter until the completion of your audit.

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Call us at 410-862-2826 or fill out our contact form for a consultation and to learn more about how we can help you handle an IRS audit.

Proficient in IRS Audits | Preparing for a Correspondence or In-Person Audit

Some audits are done via correspondence, while others are conducted in IRS field offices. Many taxpayers might not know that an attorney can be present and handle an audit in your place.

If you're intimidated by the IRS or are worried you will say or do the wrong thing during the audit process, Frost Law can help.

Once retained, our attorneys can:

  • Discuss your audit with the IRS
  • Answer questions on your behalf
  • Meet with the IRS in your absence
  • Hold in-person audits at our office
  • Prepare documentation and a response to your audit
  • Receive future IRS correspondence

Serving as your advocates during a correspondence audit or in-person audit, the skilled team of lawyers at Frost Law can represent you throughout the entire audit process.

Skilled Audit Attorneys | When Appeals Are Your Best Bet

Not every IRS audit is met with scrutiny by taxpayers. Many taxpayers feel confident in their rights and comfortable presenting their case to the IRS themselves in the event of an audit.

While some are successful, many are not. If you handled the first stage of an audit without counsel and didn't receive a satisfactory result, it's not too late to reach out to an attorney.

In addition to assisting with audits from start to finish, we can also help you handle an audit appeal. If you feel that your deductions were erroneously disallowed, or that the auditor didn't take into consideration all of the documentation that you presented, you have appeals rights.

Let the skilled team at Frost Law handle the audit appeal for you, and work with you to obtain a result that meets your needs.


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