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Experienced Bankruptcy Lawyers | Determining What You Need

Our skilled bankruptcy team at Frost Law is prepared to work with you to secure the best possible outcome for you both personally and financially. If bankruptcy is the best choice, we can help you determine which type of bankruptcy best meets your needs.

If you are an individual who has become overwhelmed with debt and creditors won't take no for an answer, Chapter 13 bankruptcy might be the best option for you.

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy can:

  • Give individuals with steady income a 3 or 5-year repayment plan to pay back all or a portion of their debts
  • Prohibit creditors from making collection efforts during this period
  • Save your property from foreclosure

If you think filing for bankruptcy might help you regain control of your financial situation, let our office be the first you call. Our bankruptcy team has experience with bankruptcy cases of all sizes. We are perfectly situated to help you achieve success.

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Skilled Bankruptcy Team | Helping You Move Forward Beyond Bankruptcy

If Chapter 13 bankruptcy is the best answer for you, our team can support you through the process from start to finish. But what are your plans for handling life once the bankruptcy case is over?

Thankfully, the experienced team here at Frost Law has attorneys and dual-licensed CPAs with experience in multiple practice areas. If you want to consult about future tax obligations or discuss what happens if you decide to start a new business venture post-bankruptcy, our attorneys are still here for you.

When you need assistance with bankruptcy, and beyond, we are here to support you. Consider a free consultation with our team about Chapter 13 bankruptcy today.

Let us help you see beyond bankruptcy.


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