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International tax consultants equipped to support your global business adventure

For business owners and individuals alike, a global economy is a place of unlimited opportunity and risk. Navigating the global market is stressful enough but trying to understand international tax obligations can prove to be complicated. 

Protect your investments and gain clarity about foreign tax requirements with our adept international tax team. Our working relationship with the IRS and dual-licensed tax attorneys and CPAs gives our team the ability to manage the most difficult international tax matters.   

Frost Law international tax services include:

  • Filing requirements
  • Penalties and violations
  • Reporting thresholds
  • Voluntary disclosures
  • Investigations and other international tax issues
  • Analysis of Foreign tax incentives and credit 
  • FIRPTA withholding for inbound U.S. real property investment
  • U.S. and foreign business entity structuring and classification
  • U.S. nonresident tax withholding requirements
  • U.S. tax planning and compliance for nonresident individuals working in the United States
  • Foreign partner withholding for U.S. partnerships
  • Expat tax services for U.S. employees working abroad including individual tax compliance and planning and cross-border payroll

Focus more on your investment and allow us to handle the taxing requirements of foreign financial accounts. Contact one of our international tax consultants for guidance on the toughest foreign matters.

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Talk to our international tax consulting team today. Contact us by calling (410) 862-4220 or by clicking here.

Do you need guidance with inbound and outbound international tax reporting, consulting, compliance, structuring, and planning?


As a business owner entering the global market can be daunting. Focusing on operations and employees should be your main focus, not tax requirements. That’s where we come in. 

Our international tax consulting team works to understand your business and create a plan to ensure a smooth transition into the market. We can also support you with:

  • Federal Income Tax Registrations and Planning
  • State Tax Planning, Sales Tax, Payroll, and Registrations
  • U.S. Choice of Entity and Tax Structure
  • Integrating a New U.S. Subsidiary Company
  • Creating U.S. Payroll and Bank Accounts
  • Strategies for Employee Insurance & Benefits 
  • Business Tax Planning & Registration
  • Government Grants, Site Location & Incentives
  • Relocation of Employees to Work in the U.S.

Investing into foreign markets can be exciting, but also confusing. We make it simple. Our team works to understand the market and seek out the best solutions for your business. 

Frost Law can help you with global tax services such as:

  • Planning for Partnerships
  • Planning for Foreign Loss 
  • Restructuring Debt 
  • International Tax Credits Management
  • Sustaining U.S. Deferral
  • Financing
  • Reconstruction of Earnings
  • U.S. and Abroad Tax Withholding Requirements 



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