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Domestic Violence Protective Orders

It's Your Right to Be Protected

The safety of you and your family is more important than anything. When a dangerous situation arises you can feel vulnerable and uncertain of what actions to take. Fortunately, our family law team knows how to navigate these situations with professionalism while keeping in mind the emotional support you need.

If you are in immediate danger you may apply for a temporary protective order without the need of an attorney. If you wish to seek initial order instructions, forms, and resources can be found on the Maryland Court Website.

Once the temporary protective order has been applied for, you will have 7 days to attend court and request a final protective order during a domestic violence hearing. We urge you to have an attorney present during these hearings so that your case can be effectively presented.

If you're dealing with a domestic violence situation contact us today at (410) 862-4220 or fill out our brief contact form and start the process of protecting you and your family today.

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Family Attorneys Ensuring Your Safety

At Frost Law, we take these situations very critically, which is why we ensure that we have all the facts of your case before devising a strategy. Feel protected both legally and emotionally with our family law team.

During a domestic violence hearing, your case will be presented thoroughly and sufficiently. Our team makes certain that all the evidence is clearly presented as well as the duration of the abuse. A judge will decide whether or not to grant the protective order, this will keep the abuser away for 12 months.

Do I Qualify For A Protective Order?

Those who are eligible for protective orders include:

  • A current or former spouse of the abuser (also called the Respondent);
  • A cohabitant of an abuser, who:
  • Is having a sexual relationship with the abuser, and
  • Has lived with the abuser in the home for at least 90 days within 1 year before filing for relief;
  • A person who had a sexual relationship with the abuser within 1 year before filing for relief;
  • A person related to the abuser by blood, marriage, or adoption;
  • A parent, stepparent, or stepchild, if you have lived with the abuser in the home for at least 90 days within 1 year before filing for relief;
  • A vulnerable adult;
  • A person who has had a child with the abuser; or
  • A person who alleges that within 6 months before the filing of the petition, the respondent committed rape or a sexual offense or attempted rape or sexual offense.

Start the process of protection today with our family lawyer, call us at (410) 862-4220 or fill out our brief contact form.


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