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Mission & Vision

Our vision is to be the world's most client-centric law firm. We believe that to be that kind of firm, you need a versatile team of professionals that can handle just about any legal or financial question clients ask us.

We don’t always have the answers, but we can either figure it out or point you in the direction of somebody who has the answers.

Our team and partners help connect folks in need of legal services with firms and companies outside Frost Law to service for matters we can't handle. Find the best solutions for the toughest legal and financial problems.


Our empathy connects us with our clients to better understand their situation and advocate for the most favorable result. Complicated legal and financial situations are never straightforward, but our diverse team is the best group to untangle those situations and effectively advocate for our clients.


Our clients entrust us with their freedom, their money, their businesses, and their peace of mind. We take that responsibility seriously and must always stay focused on getting the best results possible — not just acceptable results.


We are not just hammers who can only see nails. Our resourcefulness allows us to find solutions by drawing from a complete and varied toolbox; our legal work is supported by lawyers, accountants, financial planners, and an altogether all-star team of smart, talented professionals. We approach each situation smartly and efficiently, spending time wisely and understanding when to take action or change our tactics.


Everyone leads some area of the firm — whether it's processes in a department, an area of knowledge within a practice group, or a brand and book of business. We support team members' professional development through mentorship, access to materials, or any other support and benefits we can provide.

Our skilled attorneys can help you get clear answers to tough questions about tax, business, litigation, estate, bankruptcy, and other matters.
Glen Frost, Esq. | Managing Partner at Frost Law