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Are you an employer or employee currently in an employment dispute? Have you filed a dispute against your employer and need representation? Do you have the proper planning and preventive measures in place to avoid potential disputes with employees?

If you are an employer or employee and want to protect yourself before, during, or after disputes, Frost Law can help. We have the experience, knowledge, and resources necessary to effectively represent you. Our employment lawyers represent and provide guidance to employees and employers throughout all employment law matters.

Strong working relationships with our clients, as well as attorneys who focus primarily on employment law, set us apart from other firms.

Serving clients domestically and internationally, Frost Law can provide effective, personalized solutions for every situation.

Obtaining & Maintaining Ethical Employment

If you’re struggling to manage employment disputes, you need an experienced employment attorney to advocate for you and present your case to the courts. That's where Frost Law comes in.

Our employment lawyers represent and provide guidance to employees and employers throughout all employment law matters.

  • For employers, they help them make proactive planning and preventive measures to avoid potential disputes with employees.
  • For employees, they help them stand up for their rights and feel safe in their workplace.

Our employment lawyers ensure that employers are following all laws correctly within the work place and employees are treated equally and fairly.

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When does an employee need an employment lawyer?

Common reasons employees take legal actions:

  • Workplace discrimination
  • Wrongful termination
  • Contract violations
  • Unpaid overtime
  • Sexual harassment
  • Age discrimination
  • Whistleblower protection

When does an employer need an employment lawyer?

Common reasons employers seek legal assistance:

  • Lawsuits
  • Claims and complaints
  • Advice on employment decisions, such as firing and employee classifications
  • Reviewing contracts, agreements, policies and handbooks

Our skilled team of employment attorneys has the knowledge and understanding to guide you through employment disputes in Maryland and DC.


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