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No matter how complex or simple your estate plan seems, one of the hardest aspects for many people is who they want to designate as beneficiaries. For many, the answer is simple - a spouse or a child. For others, the answer isn't as straightforward.

Our experienced estate team can walk through your options with you. We can discuss the specific inheritance laws in your state, and how it might impact you as you designate your beneficiaries.

If you have minor children, you might have questions about whether or not they are eligible to be beneficiaries, and if so, at what age. Don't want to designate your children as your beneficiaries until they reach a certain age? Who would you like to appoint in their place? At what age would you like your children to inherit?

Is your estate plan complicated by divorce, stepchildren, and inheritances you expect to receive from other individuals? Let the estate attorneys at Frost Law help untangle things and make sure your estate plan is as clear as possible.

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