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Tax laws can prove to be complex and ever-changing, making it challenging for taxpayers to achieve compliance. Having a strong, adept Philadelphia tax attorney by your side makes all the difference.

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Philadelphia Tax Attorneys

Find Relief With Our Philadelphia Tax Attorneys

Philadelphia is known as the City of Brotherly Love however, that doesn’t stop the IRS or state authorities from contacting you about non-compliant, or unpaid tax issues. These agencies can be unrelenting, lucky for you so are our Philadelphia tax attorneys.  

Whether you’re an individual or business, our Philadelphia tax attorney team is prepared to support you in the toughest tax matters. From beginning to end our team is here to guide you through the process.

Our Philadelphia tax attorney team consists of skilled tax attorneys, certified public accountants, certified financial planners, and former IRS advisors. Frost Law’s strong working relationship with the IRS and state tax authorities gives us the edge over other tax firms.  

We strongly urge you to have an experienced Philadelphia tax attorney to advocate for you and present your case to the IRS or state authority. Tax relief is only the beginning, once we've helped get your current tax matters are under control, what's the plan to stay current, eliminate worries over future tax problems, and move forward with financial freedom?

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How Can Our Philadelphia Tax Attorneys Support You

Our Philadelphia tax attorneys can support you in matters such as:

If you’re dealing with complex tax issues, reach out to one of our Philadelphia, Pennsylvania tax attorneys at 410-497-5947 or schedule a confidential free consultation.

Or you can visit us located just 5 minutes from Love Park at 1700 Market St #1005, Suite A Philadelphia, PA 19103. Our Philadelphia office is conveniently located directly next to the Parkway 1700 Market Garage. 

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When you are having an issue with the IRS, you need professional help to communicate with the right person within the IRS that can help you with your situation. Unfortunately I was not able to find that person and my situation continued to drag on for months. I would communicate by letter and also attempted to use the phone but to no avail. The IRS did not quit working my case and their letters indicated they were getting stronger in demands.

I found Frost Law Firm paid a reasonable retainer, and they were working my case within days. I was very impressed with their contacts within the IRS and how they represented me. Lauren Mata was my attorney and she was very diligent, great at follow up and did everything she said she would do.

My case was settled not long ago, to my benefit as we were able to prove that our position was correct. Whereas I did not have the credibility with the IRS, Frost and Lauren Mata did. I believe I received good value for what I was charged.

Michael U.

Attorney Zoha Sohail really poured her passion, experience, and knowledge into a tax situation for our dental office. The issue was multi-faceted and complicated. We did not expect such high level of service we ultimately received. We were gratified that the revenue officer on the case was impressed with her diligence and tenacity. Our experience with Attorney Sohail has raised the bar for the legal profession.

Nancy A.

Zoha Sohail is an AMAZING tax lawyer who actually cares about her clients. She is a very good listener and non-judgmental. She helped me resolved a longstanding tax issue with the state of Maryland. I would recommend her to anyone with tax problems. Thank you for all your help and support.

Judith A.