MSATP: Assisting with Significant Tax Debts in IRS Collections Webinar

May 30, 2023

Join Partner, Eli Noff and Of Counsel, Justin Hughes to discuss common tools and tactics used to help taxpayers resolve IRS tax debts in complex situations faced by individuals and small business owners. Clients can face a host of drastic consequences, including: bank and third-party levies, IRS liens and levies, garnishments, threats of injunctions and foreclosure, business closure, assertion of trust fund recovery penalties (pre- and post- assessment balance considerations) and passport revocation.

Join Eli and Justin on May 30th at 4 pm to learn more about:

  • Summarize the IRS collections process and procedure
  • Identify valuable tools to protect taxpayers rights
  • Determine relevant paths for resolving IRS tax debts
  • Utilize practical tips in representing your clients before the IRS