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What Is The Difference Between a Corporate Lawyer and a Business Lawyer?

Focuses of a Business Lawyer:

  • Writing business plans to present to potential investors
  • Assist in finding a logo and company name that is free of copyright or trademark
  • Create partnership agreements
  • Assist in submitting required IRS forms and taxes
  • Assist in federal entities filing complaints or investigating the business
  • Lawsuits that your business may be involved in

Focuses of a Corporate Lawyer:

  • Assist in the incorporation of your business
  • Ensure both parties are compliant in business deals especially when dealing with international entities
  • Check on investor rights, acquisitions, and issues involving corporate structures

Business Lawyer vs. Corporate Lawyer

Both of these professionals provide different and needed services. A significant difference between them though is that corporate lawyers tend to provide guidelines when purchasing and selling items. When it comes to corporate law, the decisions of a corporate lawyer can significantly affect the business it works under. Meanwhile, business lawyers will primarily assist in areas including employment and taxes.

If you’re having trouble differentiating between a corporate lawyer and business lawyer still, you can understand a business lawyer sees the business as an activity, it involves the buying and selling of goods. Meanwhile, a corporate lawyer is concerned with the operations, activities, and validity of a corporation.

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