Offer-in-compromise (OIC): Is This the Right Option for Your Client?

April 26, 2022


Your client brings in a letter from the IRS or the Maryland Comptroller threatening collection. They’ve heard about this “pay the IRS pennies on the dollar” option, and want to pursue this. Is this the best option for your client? And if so, how do you do it?

Join Paul Stabile, Esq. of Frost and Associates for drinks and light refreshments at 4:30, followed by the discussion at 5 about Offer-in-Compromise: what it is and how to do it.

Each attendee will be asked to volunteer for a case at the conclusion of the event. Due to this requirement, your information will be shared with the Maryland Volunteer Lawyer Service.

*** In order to receive CPE for this event you must be a CPA, EA or attorney, and register to take on a Pro Bono Case with MVLS. MVLS will reach out to attendees to register as a volunteer.

This event will be held as a hybrid. Guest are welcome to come to Frost Law's Annapolis office or join from home online.