August 17, 2021

Comptroller Resumes Collections Activities—Act Now!

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After a long hold on collection and licensing activities since shortly after the start of the pandemic, the Comptroller’s Office has resumed collections activities as of August 16, 2021, for individual income, corporate income, trust income, sales, and use, and excise tax purposes.¹

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More specifically, enforcement and collection activities which taxpayers can expect to see now include:

  1. offsets of state income tax refunds and state vendor payments;
  2. license holds;
  3. audits;
  4. liens; and
  5. resumption of pre-pandemic payment agreements

Note that some taxpayers may have already received notices if legal action is required earlier than Aug. 16 to protect the interests of the state of Maryland. 

Remember, if you disagree with the result of an audit, an assessment, or other collection activity, you have the right to appeal—whether it is during the administrative appeals process or in court. But if you’re not careful—those rights may be lost. Taxpayers with Maryland liabilities must pay close attention to all notices they receive and action deadlines therein. No exception to this rule is being made—even during this initial recommencement of collections activity. For instance, taxpayers receiving Notices of Final Determination will have a short 30-day window to file a petition to the Maryland Tax Court if they want to appeal their matter. 

Any tax controversy can feel daunting—and one arising during a pandemic can easily become overwhelming. We urge you to reach out to an experienced tax attorney at (410)-497-5947 or fill out our brief contact form.


  1. On Aug. 3, 2021, the Comptroller issued a news release, alerting taxpayers to the upcoming Aug. 16 date upon which collections would resume. Md. Comptroller of the Treasury, Agency Collection Activities to Resume Aug.16, 08/03/21. You may read the release in full here:
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