Navigate Your Expat Tax Obligations In Miami, Florida

Trying to follow the rules and regulations that accompany U.S. expat tax laws can be challenging for many taxpayers, fortunately, our experienced Miami tax team can help guide you through the process.

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Navigate Your Expat Tax Obligations In Miami, Florida

Get Direction With Your Expat Taxes In Miami

As a U.S. expat it is your obligation to comply with the U.S. expat tax laws, even if you’re living abroad. It is important that you have a skilled Miami attorney who knows the process and can help you achieve compliance. 

As a U.S. expat your international income and investments should be a top priority rather than agonizing about complying with the complicated expat tax laws. That’s where we come in.

Our Miami tax team is consists of dual tax attorneys and certified public accountants as well as certified financial planners, and former IRS advisors. Frost Law’s strong working relationship with the IRS and other tax authorities gives us the edge over other tax firms.

Our Miami team will handle the strenuous expat tax laws while you focus on what’s important. Contact our tax team today at 305-414-0494 or fill out our contact form to schedule a consultation. 

Get The Expat Tax Help You NeedNavigate Your Expat Tax Obligations In Miami, Florida, city landscape

Discover Solutions With Your Expat Taxes In Miami

Every year, U.S. expats are expected to file their Federal Tax Returns when their global income surpasses the filing threshold. 

Our team has highlighted quick facts regarding IRS Form 8854 and  expat taxes below:

Subheading — Deceased Expat Taxation in Miami

If you’re dealing with expat taxes, reach out to our Miami tax team at 305-414-0494 or schedule a confidential consultation with our contact form.

Our office in Miami, Florida is located at 6303 Blue Lagoon Dr #400, Miami, FL 33126, just four miles west of the Miami International Airport.

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"Their attorneys saved me $94,000. Seriously. They appealed successfully to the IRS (who were very gracious, I must add) and got my account credited in this amount. Wow. Friggin' amazing... Love these folks."

Bruce K.

"It amazes me the level of effort that Frost and Associates puts in every year during tax season. I often see emails at 9:30 p.m. asking questions or providing status updates. The commitment that this firm has to meet deadlines and provide timely customer service is outstanding to say the least. Much appreciation for your hard work and dedication."

Brandi B.

"I have known Glen, and many of the attorneys in his office, in a professional capacity for many years now. I am comfortable referring family and friends to the firm because I know that the attorneys at Frost & Associates will always be courteous and attentive to their clients. F&A consistently turns out great and thorough work, and I will continue to recommend them to anyone who is in need of a great tax attorney."

Taylor N.