IRS Form 3520 Assistance In Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

Our Harrisburg tax team will help you feel confident that your IRS Form 3520 is precise and complete.

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IRS Form 3520 Assistance In Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

Receive Direction On Your IRS Form 3520 In Harrisburg

Harrisburg known for its beauty and rich history is also subjected to IRS notices regarding Form 3520. Our experienced Harrisburg tax team will give you clarity about the challenging filing requirements of Form 3520.

The IRS Form 3520 includes trusts that have more than one owner, among other differences and it has a separate filing deadline. Failure to file on time may result in a Notice CP15 penalty abatement from the IRS.

Our Harrisburg tax team consists of dual tax attorneys and certified public accountants as well as certified financial planners, and former IRS advisors. Frost Law’s strong working relationship with the IRS and other tax authorities provides us with the edge over other tax firms. 

Allow our Harrisburg tax team to safeguard your investments and unravel disclosure requirements that cause you needless frustration. Contact our team at (717) 251-5029 or schedule a confidential consultation with our brief contact form

Get The Help You Need TodayIRS Form 3520 Assistance In Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

Uncover Answers With Your IRS Form 3520 In Harrisburg

Don’t allow the IRS to intimidate you, our Harrisburg tax team will help you file accurately and guide you through any challenges you may face with the IRS Form 3520.  

Reach out to our Harrisburg tax team today at (717) 251-5029 or fill out our contact form to schedule a consultation. Or you can visit our office located right off of I-83 at 2225 Sycamore Street Suite 755 Harrisburg, PA 17111. *Appointment Required

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"Their attorneys saved me $94,000. Seriously. They appealed successfully to the IRS (who were very gracious, I must add) and got my account credited in this amount. Wow. Friggin' amazing... Love these folks."

Bruce K.

"It amazes me the level of effort that Frost and Associates puts in every year during tax season. I often see emails at 9:30 p.m. asking questions or providing status updates. The commitment that this firm has to meet deadlines and provide timely customer service is outstanding to say the least. Much appreciation for your hard work and dedication."

Brandi B.

"I have known Glen, and many of the attorneys in his office, in a professional capacity for many years now. I am comfortable referring family and friends to the firm because I know that the attorneys at Frost & Associates will always be courteous and attentive to their clients. F&A consistently turns out great and thorough work, and I will continue to recommend them to anyone who is in need of a great tax attorney."

Taylor N.