Fulfill Your IRS Form 3520 Obligations In Miami, Florida

Satisfying the requirements of IRS Form 3520 can be difficult for everyday taxpayers, which is why you should have a competent Miami tax professional.

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Fulfill Your IRS Form 3520 Obligations In Miami, Florida

Get Help With Your IRS Form 3520 With Our Miami Tax Professionals

Miami, Florida has gorgeous beaches, a popular nightlife scene, and is enriched with Latin-American culture, but even Miami taxpayers are expected to comply with the IRS and other state tax authorities’ obligations. 

IRS Form 3520 is composed of trusts that have more than one proprietor, amongst other differences and it has a separate filing deadline. Failure to file timely may result in an IRS Notice CP15 penalty abatement.

Our firm’s strong working relationship with the IRS and other tax authorities gives us the edge over other tax firms. Our Miami tax team incorporates tax attorneys, certified public accountants, certified financial planners, and former IRS advisors. 

Let our Miami tax team safeguard your investments and unravel disclosure requirements that cause you unnecessary frustration. Contact our team at 410-497-5947 or schedule a confidential consultation with our brief contact form

Get The Help You Need TodayFulfill Your IRS Form 3520 Obligations In Miami, Florida, city overview

How Can Our Miami Tax Team Assist You With IRS Form 3520

Don’t allow the IRS to intimidate you, our accomplished Miami tax team can help you file accurately and guide you through any obstacles you may face with the IRS Form 3520.  

Contact our Miami team today at 410-497-5947 or fill out our brief contact form to schedule a confidential consultation.

We are esteemed to serve clients in Miami, one of the most popular cities in Florida. Our Miami, Florida office is conveniently located at 6303 Blue Lagoon Dr #400, Miami, FL 33126, just 12 miles west of the famous Miami Beach. 

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Frost Law was both diligent and responsive to an issue with unpaid taxes and the resolution of assessed penalties. Zoha Sohail was particularly effective in initiating and maintaining contact with the taxing authorities to a point of final resolution.

Bruce A.

"Eli Noff is an Excellent international tax lawyer and a very kind and hard working advisor. The firm assisted me with a complicated FBAR matter for 2 years and they also helped me with Articles of Incorporation for my company in St Petersburg FL (moving from DC). I can recommend their professionalism very highly!"

Jindra C.

"I have known Glen, and many of the attorneys in his office, in a professional capacity for many years now. I am comfortable referring family and friends to the firm because I know that the attorneys at Frost & Associates will always be courteous and attentive to their clients. F&A consistently turns out great and thorough work, and I will continue to recommend them to anyone who is in need of a great tax attorney."

Taylor N.