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What Lesser Known Issues Do Business Lawyers Handle?

Business lawyers are dynamic and also perform some lesser known tasks such as:

  • Transferring ownership or shares in a business
  • Oversee the procedures required to dissolve a company
  • Assist a company in adjusting to changes in law or new ownership
  • Help in the restructuring of a business such as going from an LLC to a C corporation
  • Reviewing, drafting, and negotiating various business contracts

The size of a corporation or business a business lawyer may work for will determine how often they handle these tasks on a daily basis. For a small business, an attorney may be hired to handle most of the start up process of the business. In this case, the attorney can be hired to work through the restructuring of a company to simply review compliance issues.

Business lawyers who work for larger corporations however, specialize in certain areas of the business. In larger corporations you can find an entire in-house team of legal professionals who only handle a set of issues such as compliance matters.

With a business lawyer's wide range of knowledge and experience, they may even at times serve as an expert in a lawsuit. For example, in court, the court itself or the parties involved may need more information on a particular subject. This is where a business lawyer can be able to serve as an expert and provide insight into the disputed facts.

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