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What Are The Specialties of the Tax Law Field

There are several specialties a tax lawyer can get into. Some of them include:

Tax Controversy: Disputes over amounts owed to various tax authorities yadda yadda

Back Taxes: Individuals and businesses may have issues with back taxes related to non-filing, delinquent filing, payroll taxes, and a litany of other things yadda yadda

Corporate Tax – Lawyers ensure compliance with tax laws, rules, and regulations. When working with corporate entities they will also give advice on mergers and acquisitions, and other business and securities matters.

Executive Compensation – Tax Lawyers may also provide advice on federal and state regulations, benefits, and pensions. They can also be responsible for drafting employment agreements.

Exempt Organizations – In the nonprofit world, tax lawyers can represent tax-exempt entities. These include charities, trade associations, educational institutions, healthcare organizations and more.

International Tax Planning – Tax Lawyers may also provide counsel in relation to tax issues relevant to companies engaged in global business activities. 

Municipal Finance – When working with this, tax lawyers are helping local governments with issues such as tax compliance, infrastructure, transportation, housing, school districts, and industrial and economic development bonds.

Tax Litigation – When litigating, tax lawyers will negotiate with tax authorities such as the IRS and provide defense in criminal tax cases.

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