National Business Institute (NBI): Corporate Transparency Act Reporting Requirements: What You Need to Know and Do NOW

December 7, 2023


Compliance date is near, and businesses need to be prepared to comply. Do your clients need to file anything by January 1, 2024? This update offers the latest information on the Corporate Transparency Act (CTA) to help your clients prepare for this recent change. Join our experienced faculty as they walk you through the CTA final rule and help you understand what businesses need to know under the new reporting requirements of beneficial ownership and more. Avoid compliance burdens for your clients - register today!

The new requirements of the Corporate Transparency Act will soon be implemented. Are your clients ready for the January deadline?

Businesses will soon be required to report all beneficial owners. Our webinar on December 7 at 10am will make sure you’re aware of which businesses need to report and what information needs to be reported.